Please note that each creation is unique and our Gallery - Sea Shore Terrariums will change frequently as we create new designs and others are purchased. Below is a sampling of some recent designs. Please inquire about availability of these or similar designs.


Our Gallery – Sea Shore Terrariums Glass Globes

I love working with various size glass globes to create a beach snapshot in time. They can be hung or placed on a table.

Open Bowls 

Gallery – Sea Shore Terrariums Open Bowls

With Open Bowls the sky is the limit! They come in several sizes, shapes and colors. 

Tear Drop

Gallery – Sea Shore Terrariums Tear Drop

Teardrop glass containers are elegant containers that can be hung or placed on a flat surface and they do look like a teardrop. 


Gallery – Sea Shore Terrariums Driftwood

Air plants will attach themselves to most any natural surfaces especially driftwood. With all the holes and notches it’s fun to place several plants on each piece.

Murex Shells

Gallery – Sea Shore Terrariums Murex Shells

These beautiful Murex shells from the Philippines are an excellent home for air plants and they come in several different sizes.  

Molten Glass

Gallery – Sea Shore Terrariums Molten Glass

Molten glass is actually molded to the wood for a perfect fit and makes for a fantastic one-of-a-kind terrarium.

Large Airplant Terrariums

Gallery – Sea Shore Terrariums Large Terrariums

This series features large air plant terrariums with leaves 10″ or more.

Custom Terrariums

Gallery – Sea Shore Terrariums Custom Terrariums

I can create a custom terrarium for you around a special bowl, container, sea shells, or other items or styles.

DIY Sea Shore Terrarium Kits

Our DIY kits contain everything need to make your own terrarium.  They come in glass or plastic globes.  Each kit come with sand, seashells, directions, one air plant, spray bottle and a picture of the finished product as reference for assembling. 

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